Design The Designer Within You: A Podcast with Design Positive

Both clients and designers need to think of this. Commerce and Conscious. Money versus Wealth. The dilemma of the Designer. Since Design is amoral, are you being responsible with its immense power? When will India have larger numbers of Designers who may not be artists?

‘Design the Designer In You’. Interviewed by Karthi Subbaraman for her brilliant podcast called Design Positive (D+ve). We discuss a tenet of Designthinking and move to creativity and mindfulness from a perspective of India

You may listen to the podcast here: Design The Designer In You

An initiative by IAMAI Internet and Mobile Association of India. Where Apala Chavan is helping shape the narrative of Design around commercial, cultural, deeper, thoughtful, emotional, spiritual dimensions

Get in tune with your inner creativity

Design is getting in tune with your inner creativity

Design is #PureDoing. With this simple insight comes another. Therefore Design cannot be taught. It can only be caught. By you. Design is not a factory-process. It is not mass-manufacturing. Given the same problem or challenge, you could arrive at multiple ways of solving the challenge. Each one of you in the room could come up with their own original thinking.

Design is like the seven notes on the scale of a guitar. Anyone can play these seven notes. But those who are in tune with their inner creativity, can take those seven notes, and make music that tugs at emotional strings and exhilarate the soul. Close your eyes for a moment and think and feel your favourite music in your inner ear.

So the UX Design workshops do not really ‘teach’ anything. Each workshop is a moment in time, to inspire, to invoke, and ignite the cognitive faculty of Design embbeded in each one of us. Because a Homo Sapien is a design animal.

The experience is extrordinary. You go back bubbling with the energy of knowing that now you can solve the toughest challenges that life and work give you, using nothing more than a pencil and a piece of paper. Until that moment you may have had zero understanding of how to design a smartphone app, or an enterprise software. Yet within just 8 hours, yes, eight hours, you’ll know how to think in Design. How to use a magical mix of creativity and common-sense to create an experience that will delight your clients and your boss.

Anybody can learn how to Design a smartphone app or an enterprise software. All you need to do is to step into the hall. And allow me to tune in your strings of creativity and innovation.