Design Revolution from India

It’s about time we kick-start a revolution in Design from India

Together, we can make the world more intelligent, more creative, more beautiful, more sensitive, more conscious, more playful, and definitely more delightful

This Design Revolution aims to transform India into the hub of Design in the world. Through playfulness, and #PureDoing

Launched in September 2014, the Design Revolution from India, or DesignRev for short has since clocked over:

    • 43 Design Workshops in over 8 locations in India
    • 13 Design UnMeetups
    • 14 Public Talks and Seminars

DesignRev has also:

    • Mentored close to 200 startups in Design
    • Launched an internal Temple of Design initiative
    • Conducted UX Design and Design-Thinking Sprints for a few startups

And lots more. We’ve barely started

This current-page is just a cover note. A lot of exciting stuff is happening behind-the scenes as we put together the real design of this site. The DesignRev site will share a pool of design resources to empower everyone from individuals to companies towards better design and design-thinking

Recent Design Events

Awaken Your Creativity Through Dance. A dance meditation event in New Delhi that unlocks explosive creativity within you. On 11 Jan 2020, from 9:45 AM to 12:45 AM.

Awaken Your Creativity Through Dance. A Meditation event conducted by Niyam Bhushan on 11 Jan 2020 from 9:30AM to 12:30PM. At Tao 99 Ghitorni New Delhi
Awaken Your Creativity Through Dance. A Meditation event conducted by Niyam Bhushan on 11 Jan 2020 from 9:30AM to 12:30PM. At Tao 99 Ghitorni New Delhi

Heads-up! Announcing something completely different and new. ‘Awaken Your Creativity Through Design-Think‘ This is a meditation-retreat to help you unlock creativity and innovation within you. At the Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan, from 25-28 July 2019. 

Awaken Your Creativity Through Design-Think. 4Days/3Nights Meditation Retreat at Alsisar Mahal Palace Rajasthan, 25-28 July 2019. Conducted by Niyam Bhushan

In your professional and personal life, you increasingly find challenges to which you have no answers. In the face of such demanding situations, all your education, skills, upbringing, and experience seem to pale.

In moments like these you seek a new kind of creative breakthrough. One which sparkles with tremendous brilliance, innovation, wit, and imagination.

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Upcoming Design and Creativity Events

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TEDx: Design with Emptiness | Niyam Bhushan

The world is not frugal by Design. We may have all the abundance, colours, flowers, and joys of the world. Beyond all these forms lies emptiness. For Nature does not abhor the vacuum. According to Design the vacuum is the womb of Nature. So what is the purpose of Design long after all the forms are forgotten? What defines the inner discipline of the Designer? In this TEDx talk delivered in Hyderabad, Niyam offers deep insights that change the narrative of minimalism design as practised in the West, and reveals its true meanings and origins from the ancient design principles of India and the Orient.

Design The Designer Within You: Design Positive Podcast

Both clients and designers need to think of this. Commerce and Conscious. Money versus Wealth. The dilemma of the Designer. Since Design is amoral, are you being responsible with its immense power? When will India have larger numbers of Designers who may not be artists?

Karthi Subbaraman interviews Niyam Bhushan for her brilliant podcast called Design Positive (D+ve). We discuss a tenet of Designthinking and move to creativity and mindfulness from a perspective of India

You may listen to the podcast here: Design The Designer In You

An initiative by IAMAI Internet and Mobile Association of India. Where Apala Chavan is helping shape the narrative of Design around commercial, cultural, deeper, thoughtful, emotional, spiritual dimensions

Design The Designer Within You: Design Positive Podcast with Niyam Bhushan