Design Revolution from India

It’s about time we kick-start a revolution in Design from India

Currently, India is known as the IT super-power of the world. Unfortunately, software made in India is also notorious for its ugly, unfriendly, and difficult-to-user design

This Design Revolution aims to transform India into the Super-Power of Design in the world. Through #PureDoing

Together, we can make the world more beautiful, more intelligent, more creative, more sensitive, more conscious, more playful, and definitely more delightful

Launched in September 2014, the Design Revolution in India, or DesignRev for short has since clocked over:

  • 36 Design Workshops in over 8 locations in India
  • 13 Design UnMeetups
  • 12 Public Talks and Seminars

DesignRev has also:

  • Mentored close to 200 startups in Design
  • Launched an internal Temple of Design initiative
  • Conducted Design Sprints for a few startups
  • And lots more. We’ve barely started


This current-page is just a cover note. A lot of exciting stuff is happening behind-the scenes as we put together the real design of this site. The DesignRev site will share a pool of design resources to empower everyone from individuals to companies towards better design

In the meantime, to help you dive in with us, please check Upcoming Design Events

UX Design Workshop with Niyam Bhushan @ 91 Springboard Mumbai on 22& 23rd Sep, 2017
UX Design Workshop. 22 Sep 2017 to 23 Sep 2017, Mumbai, India