45th UX Design and DesignThinking Workshop with Niyam Bhushan

UX Design and DesignThinking Workshop with Niyam Bhushan, 04 Feb 2020, Gurugram

Delight Your Customers with Innovation and User-Experience UX Design

Don’t you wish your products were truly world-class from india, especially when it comes to Design? Now you can.

Unlock explosive creativity within you. Because India’s most-respected UX Design and DesignThinking workshop just went live. For the 45th time.

You don’t need any previous background in art or tech or design. And for those who do have some, take your skill to the next level with mind-expanding insights and ideas.

No matter what your background, newbie to expert, and developer or tech or product or design or entrepreneur, you will go back ready to kickstart a revolution in your work and career Monday morning.

You can make the world • more beautiful • more intelligent • more user-friendly • more creative • more delightful.

Learn how to make UX Design for:

  • Mobile apps

  • Web-design

  • Enterprise software Smart

  • Speakers: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod

  • Internet of Things (IoT)


UX Design and DesignThinking Workshop with Niyam Bhushan, 04 Feb 2020, Gurugram
UX Design and DesignThinking Workshop with Niyam Bhushan, 04 Feb 2020, Gurugram

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UX Design Workshop 36, Gurugram

Good design is not about how it looks. Or even about how it works. Good design is about how playful it is. You take the ordinary, and make it extraordinary.

UX Design Workshop. 28 Jul 2017 to 29 Jul 2017, Gurugram India
UX Design Workshop. 28 Jul 2017 to 29 Jul 2017, Gurugram, India

This is the 36th incarnation of this fascinating workshop on Design. Anybody can enroll to discover how to make apps and sites for smartphones and the web which are more: • Intelligent •  User-Friendly • Beautiful • Sensible • Delightful

You don’t need any prior artistic or technical qualifications.

Define the creative vision and direction of your products’ experience if you are a:

  • Founder or a Co-founder
  • Vice-President or Senior VP
  • Product Manager

Upgrade your career to the next level if you are a:

  • Designer from any discipline
  • Front-end Developer

Learn a new skill which is in much-demand, if you are an:

  • Under-graduate or graduate from any discipline


Topics covered: • User-Interface (UI) Design • Design Workflows • Color Theory • Color and Design Trend Analysis • Tools • Techniques • User-Interaction Design • Icon and Ideogram Design

Certificates issued to successful participants. Supported by NASSCOM 10,000Startups and nurtured by SHEROES.in. If you want to know even more about this fascinating Design workshop, scroll through the comprehensive details published here

About the Trainer: One of India’s leading UX design and graphic design professional with national and international experience. Over 33 years has consulted with companies like Apple, Google, Xerox, Intel, Dorling Kindersley, Living Media, and hundreds more. Mentored over 100 startups. Been a Visiting Faculty at leading design and media institutions including NIFT and School of Convergence. Trained over 10,000 participants

Special Privilege . An additional 25% off through a discount-code,  if you are a:

  • DesignReveller. A former participant who is feeling the gravititional pull of mediocrity at work in design, or just want to re-live the magical experience, here’s your chance to reconnect to the source of inspiration and insights that fueled your design revolution.
  • SHEROES.in: A current member of this vibrant community of women.
  • 91springboarder. As a current member at any hub.

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Your Ticket to freedom and excellence

Knowledge Partner: NASSCOM 10,000Startups. Nurtured by SHEROES.in. Community Partner: 91springboard

Terms and Conditions on Special-Privilege Offers

  1. DesignRevellers: Discount code only valid for former participants. So if you wish to purchase an additional registration for a colleague or friend who is a new participant, it will have to be bought separately without applying the discount code. Please submit details of former participants when you request your discount-code via email.
  2. SHEROES.in: The Discount code you receive directly from SHEROES is only valid for current members. 
  3. 91springboarders: Discount code only valid for current members from any hub of 91springboard.
  4. Offers cannot be clubbed together in any permutation.
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Color and Design for User-Interface and UX. 26 May 2017 to 27 May 2017, Gurugram, India

Be part of the Design Revolution sweeping across India. This is the 34th instance of the Design workshops being conducted across 8 locations across India. Supported by NASSCOM 10,000Startups and nurtured by SHEROES.in. More details about this fascinating design workshop here:



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