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Awaken Your Creativity: Spring!

March 4, 2023 @ 9:45 am - 12:45 pm

'Awaken Your Creativity' Dance Meditation by Niyam Bhushan


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Awaken Your Creativity: Spring!

This Dance Meditation event helps you unlock explosive creativity within you. Making your life and work:

  • More delightful
  • More beautiful
  • More intelligent
  • More joyous

And yes, definitely a little more crazy and fun.

Combined with meditative techniques, dance becomes a great transformational force. One that dissolves creative blocks, fires up your imagination, puts you back in touch with your feelings, and gets that creative flow gushing through you again.

Your loved ones will notice a growing sense of creative playfulness, celebration, and ease around you: in your professional work, your personal life, and in your self-awareness.

But all that is secondary. If you go deep, dance is the most direct path with which you may experience a sense of ecstatic liberation, and get that priceless taste of bliss and freedom. Some come! Blossom with bliss in the freshness of the spring season.

Dance makes you erupt with joyNiyam helps participant Savita Hasovan erupt with joy at the Awaken Meditation retreat in Alsisar, Rajasthan, in July 2019. Photo credits: Siddhartha Jain

This is the 11th Meditation event since 2016 in the ‘Awaken’ Series conducted by Niyam. Not counting the free and online meditations conducted for participants from all over the world, over two years of the pandemic from Mar 2020 till Jul 2021. Some of those online meditations during the pandemic were daily, others over weekends.

Here’s a collage of the 10 major ‘Awaken’ Meditation events since 2016:

Ten previous 'Awaken' Meditation Events. Since 2016. Not counting the free meditations conducted online during The pandemic, some daily, some on weekends, over two years

A few of the techniques of meditation used here are from ‘Awaken Your Creativity Through Design-Think‘ which is a 4-day/3-nights Meditation and Design Retreat. Conducted earlier in July 2019, that has been a mind-blowing experience for participants. Take a look at the photo below and get a glimpse of it here.

Dance bliss

Dance bliss at the ‘Awaken Your Creativity Through Design-Think’  meditation and design retreat, July 2019

Peak At The Agenda

Agenda of 'Awaken Your Creativity' Meditation conducted by Niyam Bhushan, 04 Mar 2023, IFBC Dance Studio, Saket, New Delhi
Agenda of ‘Awaken Your Creativity’ Meditation conducted by Niyam Bhushan, 04 Mar 2023, IFBC Dance Studio, Saket, New Delhi
  • 9:45 AM
    Registration and settle in. Most participants prefer to arrive by 9:30 so they can orient themselves, settle in, and tune themselves in
  • 10:00 AM
    Dance of Spring Meditations: Re-birth of Joy
    Heart Meditation: Transformation
    Sufi Dance Meditations: Celebrate Life
  • 12:35 PM
    Tea, Lite Lunch, Love & Laughter

Each meditation is followed by moments of rest and stillness. You may not only catch your breath, but also find yourself moving deeper into gaps of stillness and peace in the ceaseless movement all around you.

And yet Life keeps moving.

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Get Into The Rhythm

Here’s what you need to pack for your peak experience


What to pack for 'Awaken Your Creativity' Meditation conducted by Niyam Bhushan, 04 Mar 2023, IFBC Dance Studio, Saket, New Delhi

    1.  Comfortable Yoga and Dance stretch-clothing so you have full freedom in your movements. Get a light towel too.
    2. Yoga mat
    3. Your own bottle of water: non-plastic, made of ceramic, steel, copper, mitti-cool, or whatever allows all life forms to continue their dance around the Earth
    4. Sense of humour and laughter
    5. Any gesture or thing with which you can share your love is welcome


IFBC Dance Studio, Saket, New Delhi
IFBC Dance Studio, Saket, New Delhi

IFBC Studios the Imperial Fernando Ballet Company, is a famous and beautiful dance studio with a huge wooden dance-floor and an 18-feet high ceiling, next to the Garden of Five Senses as well as Rose Cafe, in Saket, in the centre of Delhi. IFBC Studio is easily accessible by Delhi Metro as it is literally housed in an extension of the metro station building. You may also drive down or catch a taxi to Saket, via BluSmart, Uber, Ola, or others. The address is:

IFBC Studios

Metro Station, 241, Westend Marg,
Saidulajab, Mittal Garden, Saket,
New Delhi, Delhi 110030


By Car:

  • You’ll find ‘IFBC Studios Saket’ pinned in Google Maps
  • Once you arrive at the Saket metro station corner, turn left into Westland Marg
  • Keep going straight, crossing Rose Cafe on your right
  • When you reach the T-point take a right and immediately look for parking
  • Total distance from Saket metro station: 850 m

By Metro:

  • Get off at the Saket metro station
  • Exit from gate number 2
  • You’ll find Rose cafe on your right on your way to the studio
  • When you reach up to the T-junction, turn right and continue till you reach the gate of IFBC Studios. Go down the steps to the lower-ground floor to the reception.
  • Total Distance from Saket metro station: 850 m

For Any Assistance, Call

  • IFBC Studios: 011 466 664 52
  • Simran: 970 311 8495


    • Above the age of 18
    • From any background, under-graduate onward
    • No prior dance skills required. Anybody can dance!
    • Need not have any demonstrative creative skills
    • Physically healthy and fit as this is filled with physical activities especially dancing, and various other movements
    • Medium of communication: English
    • You must have an open mind and a receptive heart, and be willing to explore light, fun-filled meditative techniques.
    • Children between 15 to 18 may be allowed on a very special case, with a parent, if the young adult shows their own inclination and intent and freedom to participate
    • If participating with a relative, companion, lover, friend, or colleague, the other person must fill in their own independent participation form, and we reserve the right to decline if required
    • Each participant must stay through the entire duration of the event so that the group bonding and energy among people grows stronger

Do You Belong to This Tribe?

Who Attends 'Awaken Your Creativity' Dance Meditation by Niyam Bhushan

So who attends these fun and crazy Meditation events designed to Awaken Your Creativity? In fact, to which tribe of these do you belong:

  • Women: 65% • Men: 35%
  • Design / Product Professionals: 39%
  • Management Professionals: 23%
  • Startup Founders: 22%
  • Liberal Arts Hipsters: 16%

Participation Fee

  • Rs 2,100 Regular | Rs 1,700 Early Bird. To be paid online

Note: Limited Registrations. On a first-come first-served basis. Expect registrations to sell-out early so book now

Fee includes:

  1. The facilitator fees for conducting the ‘Awaken Your Creativity Through Dance’ program
  2. Access to the venue and the Dance Meditation event, for one participant
  3. Delicious Tea and lite lunch

Terms and Conditions

    1. Each participant must be respectful, sincere, and sensitive towards others
    2. All rules for guests at IFBC Studios must be respected and followed
      IFBC Studios reserves the right to request a guest to leave if they are found to violate the rules of the venue
    3. It is mandatory for all guests to carry a valid Photo ID and address proof
    4. No firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol, allowed
    5. The fees must be paid 100% in advance, by electronic transfer, against the invoice raised directly by us
    6. Fees once paid will not be refunded, whether before, during, or after the event
    7. If for any reason, we cancel or reschedule this event before commencement, fees will be refunded in full if the new schedule is not suitable to you
    8. We reserve the right to refuse participation at any time before or during the event without having to offer a reason. Our decision will be final.
    9. Offer subject to force majeure conditions
    10. We hold no liability, indemnification, or responsibility for any loss, theft, injury, or any type of harm
    11. All disputes subject to Delhi jurisdiction only

Four Steps to Dance Meditation

This retreat is exclusive and carefully curated. With number of participants intentionally kept lower. Therefore:

Step 1: Check to see if you pass the eligibility criterion.

Step 2:  If so, please fill in our your details in the form here, which may also ask you some basic and easy-peasy questions such as your favorite dance music 🙂

Step 3: If you get through our selection criterion, we will set up an informal telephone-interview and/or a video-chat with you. Usually lasts 9 to 15 minutes.

Step 4: If selected, your name will be added to the short-listed candidates. Bookings are usually first-come-first-served primarily, and then processed through other filters. Once you get through the final selection you will have to make your payment via online transfer promptly to secure your participation.

Tap Your Way To Bliss

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March 4, 2023
9:45 am - 12:45 pm
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IFBC Studios: Imperial Fernando Ballet Company, Saket, New Delhi
IFBC Studios, Metro Station, 241, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Mittal Garden, Saket
New Delhi, Delhi 110030 India
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