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Awaken Your Creativity: Nowhere To Go But In

March 21 - April 12

Awaken Your Creativity: Nowhere To Go But In. Dance Meditation. 21 Mar to 12 Apr 2020. From anywhere on Planet Earth. Facilitated by Niyam Bhushan. DesignRev.in

Meditate from the comfort of your home.
Tap Into Your Freedom

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Awaken Your Creativity: Nowhere To Go But In

Lockdown? An Opportunity to Unlock Your Creativity.  The Corona virus is dancing its devastation across the Earth. We are in a state of lockdown.

7.8 billion people. Avoiding one another on a small planet. Out of fear of death.

Unmindful of Corona, there’s another dance unfolding in the universe. Take a look at this breathtaking photograph by Babak Tafreshi. The dramatic whorls of stars in the sky of the southern hemisphere are reminiscent of van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Whirling Southern Star Trails over ALMA
Whirling Southern Star Trails over ALMA, Chile


From the Corona to the Cosmos. This is an opportunity for us. We have nowhere to go but in.

Announcing a 21-day Dance Meditation event. For anybody anywhere on Earth. Free. And with Freedom. From suffering.

You can start from any date between 21 Mar to 12 Apr and count 21 days from your date of commencement. But who’s waiting that long 🙂


Yes, you can do all of this from your home. Tap Into Your Freedom

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Here is what we do daily, wherever we are in the world in our mode of social-isolation. Guidelines and instructions will be emailed to you on your signing-up:


Agenda of Awaken Your Creativity: Nowhere to Go But In. Dance Meditation facilitated by Niyam Bhushan, 21 Mar 2020 to 12 Apr 2020. For anybody anywhere on planet Earth


    Dance Meditation: Erupt with Joy
    60 minutes
    Transform every morning into a moment of delight, rising energy, and joy. You will be offered a choice of playlists from various genres:

    • Tribal African
    • Fusion
    • Sufi Whirling

Specific meditation techniques and guidelines will be shared with you. Choose the individual music and the  genre that gets you moving. Pump up the volume, and dance with total intensity.


    Heart Meditation: Melting
    60 minutes
    The afternoon to early evening meditations are more passive. These have movements which are slow and deliberate in nature. You may choose from:

    • Heart Transformation Meditation
    • Humming
    Sufi Dance Meditations – Celebrate Life
    60 minutes
    This early evening to night meditation is filled with even more celebration, and a great way to end the day. You may choose from:

    • Tribal Dance
    • Whirling
    • Let-Go Dancing

If you’re in Work From Home (WFH) mode, and you can only manage two or even just one of these meditations, yes, you can still join in. It’s still better than zero. And it gets you in the groove.


Practice these on your own at your home. Tap Into Your Freedom

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Next Steps To The Dance Meditations

Step 1: Fill up the form. It may also ask you some basic and easy-easy questions such as your favourite dance music 🙂

Step 2: We will set up an informal telephone-interview and/or a video-chat with you. Usually lasts 15 minutes

Step 3: Guidelines and instructions will then be emailed to you. If you wish, you may also opt-in to join a small group of like-minded meditators and friends on the free Telegram messenger using your smartphone. From the group, you may then also sync with friends to concurrently meditate together from your respective locations 🙂

Step 4: Dance! Let the meditations seep in, day after day after day


From the comfort of your home. Tap Into Your Freedom

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March 21
April 12
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